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Let Beaver’s Bug Blasters protect your home from termites today!.

Beaver’s Bug Blasters offers termite inspection and control services for homes and businesses in Northeast Florida that are effective in treating and preventing termites. While termites are key insects in keeping forests healthy, they are responsible for causing billions of dollars in property damages in the USA every year.

Termites are almost never seen until their damage has already been done. That’s why it is imperative to catch the problem as soon as possible. There are termite warning signs to look for if you suspect you have them. However, the best termite prevention is having Beaver’s Bug Blasters treat and protect your home.

Our friendly pest control professionals are trained thoroughly on termite treatments and will eliminate a termite infestation or prevent termites from future invasions of your property.

Termatrac is the worlds #1 Termite Detector!


This highly efficient tool scans the walls with radar, thermal and a moisture sensor to find termites! It is environmentally friendly because it helps us to perform accurate treatments to pinpoint areas where the termites are and are not! You will be able to have confidence in Beavers Bug Blasters and Termatrac!

mosquito-pest-servicesMOSQUITO & FLY CONTROL

At Beavers Bug Blasters we believe you should enjoy your backyard, patio or any area without having to worry about mosquitoes, yellow flies, horse flies or any other flies ruining it for you and your guests. We believe in protecting your health and happiness.


Fleas can not only be a major nuisance to your pet, but also to your home. Spreading like wildfire through out your space and not only feeding on your four legged friend, but you and your family. If you suspect a flea infestation, call Beaver’s immediately. Our flea treatments are very intensive and absolutely effective. We treat fleas both on the interior and exterior of your property; we can completely eradicate your flea problem in your lawn and also offer a perimeter flea control with residual protection that’s safe and effective for you and your pets.

Flea Treatment Process

The day of treatment, prior to our arrival, we will ask that you vacuum the space to be treated and dispose of any vacuum bag or debris picked up. We will come in and treat the entire space. All humans ands pets will have to be gone for at least 4 hours. After one week, we ask the you repeat the vacuum process, making sure to dispose of the vacuum bag. This will kill any live fleas and any eggs that hatch during the life cycle process of the flea.


We pride ourselves on being able to control and eliminate flies from both commercial and residential properties alike. We provide inspection to help you eliminate their breeding sites by offering thorough drain treatments to stop the reproduction of flies and or baiting and trapping if needed.

ants-pest-servicesANTS & OTHER PESTS

We provide a treatment to your yard to help control ants, fleas, midges, scorpions, and millipedes among many other pesky pests. Our solutions stop these pests from invading your home, garden, patios and bothering you or your pets. Our treatment provides residual protection without constant treatment to the areas you, your family and pets live and play.

carpenter-bees-pest-servicesCARPENTER BEES

We often hear people say “there is nothing you can do to stop those Borer Bees (common name for carpenter bees). However, this is simply not true; we can treat the effected wood and rid you of those pesky Carpenter Bees today!


Would you like to protect your property for years against Drywood Termites, Mold, Powder Post Beetles, Carpenter Ants and Subterranean Termites? If so, a Borate treatment could be for you. We apply Borate products to any accessible unpainted wood to protect from any and all of these pests.


At Beavers Bug Blasters we proudly use the Advance Termite Bait System. Termite Baiting is more effective and less invasive than most conventional treatments. You can expect fast colony elimination with Advance Termite Bait System.